Project Description

Dynamic modern house that maximizes the available footprint and heights, design done in conjunction with AvroKO Design.  The challenge was that the client wanted a lot of house on a tight site.  Zoning allowed for 35% maximum lot coverage and cantilevers to both the house and deck were utilized to keep the footprint here but allow the house to max out the living space.  The brow at the front entrance also pushes the envelope for architectural features allowed in a front yard setback yet complies.

The master suite on the top level features a skylight over a soaker tub.  We specified a translucent skylight for the drone age to allow natural light while still maintaining privacy.  A curtain wall window system was used along the lake windows, and while true mitered glass was preferred, we insisted on an angled corner mullion to hold up to the lake’s gale force winds.  A raised bank of clerestory windows allows natural light to come in to the interior and down the open stair in the house’s center.