Project Description

This project started out as a single addition for a master bedroom with renovations in other areas. We presented options to add on as the client requested. Yet we saw real potential with the heavily wooded south side of the lot and proposed a second option to reconfigure the house to capitalize on these views. We proposed a family room addition that followed the slight angle of the adjacent street and utilized angled end walls coming to a point at the desired fireplace.

We also provided angled end walls for the master bedroom wing to keep a consistent theme and to also provide outstanding view from this space as well that are far more interesting than a standard 90-degree wall would provide. The entrance is was split level and we worked with remodeling this space as well. The two wings of the house frame an intimate outdoor deck space overlooking the woods.

The main entrance of the house is emphasized with two boxed out windows that serve as a modern alternative to bay windows, creating façade interest and creating deep window sills and a feel of thicker walls.