We offer commercial swimming pool design services.  Tim is a certified prequalified swimming pool designer under the State of Illinois Department of Public Health requirements for Swimming Facilities.  He has held this credential since 2013 with renewal roughly every two years.

Much or our work originally was to create permit documents for the installation of chair lifts in commercial pools to comply with updates to the Americans with Disabilities Act 2010 updates, which no longer allowed public swimming pools to be exempt from accessibility requirements once any modifications are made after March 15, 2012.

Our current work ranges from drawings and documents for new swimming pools, replacing filtration equipment, aquatic features such as water slides, replacing drain covers, and bringing pools in compliance with the Virginia Graeme Baker Act.

Clients include hotel developers, country clubs, swim schools such as Aqua-Tots, Athletic Clubs, Country and Golf Clubs, and any entity with public swimming pools.  One important change to the 2016 Illinois Accessibility Code is that pools serving private residential facilities such as apartments and condominiums are no longer exempt from accessibility compliance.  Facilities four or more stories, and with 10 or more living units must comply as of January 1, 2017.